White Collar Crimes


White collar crimes can encompass many different allegations, including fraud, money laundering, tax-related charges and embezzlement. In many instances, federal law enforcement agents will spend months or longer compiling evidence against suspects. As soon as you have reason to believe you are under investigation, it is crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. By formulating your defense strategy early on, you will have more options in your case.

Further, it is critical that your lawyer has the experience to identify and implement a strong case. With nearly two decades of legal experience and approximately 20,000 cases, Michael J. Diamondstein has earned a reputation as one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in the Philadelphia area.

Protect Your Rights With An Aggressive Defense

Michael represents clients facing white collar accusations in federal and state courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. White collar cases are unique in that the government may rely on extensive documents to try to prove its allegations. It is critical that your lawyer understands how to analyze these documents and find the flaws in the government’s case. Michael J. Diamondstein has this experience, and will work with other experts as necessary in order to demonstrate the weaknesses in the evidence.

Michael’s goal in every case is to seek the best possible outcome for his client, whether that is a dismissal or acquittal at trial, or a plea agreement that minimizes the potential consequences. If he is retained early in the process, he may be able to convince the authorities that an indictment is not appropriate under the circumstances.

However your case is eventually resolved, Michael will candidly explain your options and the long-term consequences of each approach. He recognizes the lasting impact of a criminal allegation on a professional accused of white collar crimes, and will take all measures within the law to help you achieve a favorable result.

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