Woman Ordered To Trial In Killing Of Estranged Husband

www.wfmz.comPosted: 5:19 pm EST January 14, 2011
OTTSVILLE, Pa. – A Bucks County woman accused of killing her estranged husband and then confessing to the cops will be going to trial.

Dorleen Burkland was in district court Friday afternoon.

It might sound like an open and shut case but that’s not exactly the story.

Police say Dorleen Burklund admitted to shooting her husband at the scene but Friday at her preliminary hearing she pleaded not guilty.

“There’s certainly much more to this case than the 25 minute preliminary hearing,” said Burkland’s attorney Michael Diamondstein.

Dorleen Burklund had nothing to say as she left the District Courthouse in Ottsville. But the police affidavit says Dorleen had plenty to say at the scene of her husband’s murder.

“When the trooper appeared she was on the porch and she said I shot my husband he’s upstairs in the master bedroom,” said First Assistant District Attorney Michelle Henry.

An autopsy report shows that the body of Michael Burklund was shot 8 times at a close range.

“He was getting some clothes that he had needed for a trip for work,” said Henry. The prosecution says the couple was in the process of a divorce. They had retained attorneys and were disputing properties.

The house was up for sale but Dorleen and her adult son were living there at the time.

“She bought the gun,” said Henry.

The gun, a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson was registered to Dorleen Burklund. The affidavit says when Mrs. Burklund was taken in for questioning she reached into the back pocket of her jeans and produced six .38 caliber bullets. Five of them spent and one live round.

The DA says she’s unaware of any history of mental illness.

“We think we have a strong case against her,” says Henry.

Burklund is charged with criminal homicide. She is scheduled to be back in court in February.

Stephanie Esposito | Reporter