Philadelphia Narcotics Officers Acquitted in Federal Corruption Trial

RELEASED: May 19, 2015


Justice was served on May 14, when members of a Philadelphia jury acquitted six police officers of 47 federal corruption charges. Defense attorney, Michael J. Diamondstein, who served as defense counsel for former Officer John Speiser, was among the many to praise the jury’s decision and speak against those who were quick to judge and condemn his client and fellow officers.

When news broke last July of the arrests and subsequent indictments of the six Philadelphia police officers, tales of alleged corruption and illegal activities followed. As details emerged about the charges and criminal activities allegedly carried out by members of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Narcotics Field Unit, it seemed as though many were taken directly from a Hollywood movie script.

In the end, like the movies, the allegations against John Speiser were fiction. The Government chose to rely and build their entire case upon the words and testimony of known drug dealers and a former officer who previously pleaded guilty to corruption charges. With no real evidence, it’s hard to fathom that criminal charges were filed in the first place.

Speaking about the case and his client, attorney Diamondstein remarked that the acquittal of all charges serves as “a tremendous victory not only for John Speiser but for every honest police officer in this country.” Of his client, Diamondstein further commented that “a lot of people in the City of Philadelphia owe Mr. Speiser an apology. He is looking forward to returning to his job as a police officer so he can continue to serve his fellow citizens.”

Immediately after the verdict, John Speiser told anyone who would listen, “I love Michael Diamondstein. He is the best attorney in the world.”

For the six police officers who stood accused of serious federal charges including conspiracy, extortion and falsifying records; the last 10 months have been a nightmare as their reputations, careers and lives were dragged through the mud and turned up-side-down. This case serves as an important reminder for all as to why it’s critical to judge a case based on its facts and not merely unfounded allegations.

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