Michael Diamondstein’s Judge Beloff Letter

Michael Diamondstein offers his commentary on Judge Beloff in a letter to

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The full letter submitted by Mr. Diamondstein is below:

Your article besmirching the reputation of the Honorable Adam Beloff is an absolute disgrace. It is a stark example of the lack of integrity and ethics in today’s media. With not so much as a scintilla of evidence of wrongdoing, your headline, photograph placement and innuendo suggest that Judge Beloff was involved in unethical conduct. Without any factual support you have besmirched the reputation of a deceased man who lived his life with honor and you have denigrated his memory. Adam Beloff was a man of impeccable character. He was a charitable, hardworking attorney who cared deeply about his clients. As a judge he was fair, judicious and treated both attorneys and litigants with the dignity and respect befitting the highest standards of judicial canons. No one who practiced in front of or appeared in front of Judge Beloff would ever accuse him of such salacious and abhorrent conduct. I am proud to have called Adam my friend and his passing was a loss for our courts and our City. He deserves better than that hatchet job article.