Notable Cases

Officers in corruption trial praised as “heroes”

The federal corruption case against six members of an elite Philadelphia police narcotics squad will head to a jury Thursday, after a second day of closing arguments in which the defense team lauded its clients as heroes and likened the officers’ accusers to “a freak show to end all.”

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PA Superior Court Overturns Conviction In Drag Racing Death

Michael J. Diamondstein: “While this was a horrible tragedy and Mr. Akhmedov will carry the remorse for his actions with him for the rest of his life, he’s extremely happy that the Superior Court agreed that he didn’t act with malice.”

The Pennsylvania Superior Court on Friday overturned four counts of third-degree murder against Khusen Akhmedov, a Lancaster man who was drag racing on Roosevelt Boulevard in 2013 when he crashed his car into a family walking across the street, killing the mother and three of her four children.

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The Pennsylvania Superior Court has thrown out a third-degree murder conviction for a man convicted of killing a Northeast Philadelphia mother and three of her children on Roosevelt Boulevard in 2013.

The three-judge panel found that Khusen Akhmedov’s actions did not rise to the level of malice, a key factor in establishing a third-degree murder conviction.

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DA’s Office drops murder charges in 2011 shooting in N. Philly

Michael J. Diamondstein: “Tremendous day, not only for Mr. Hill but for the entire Philadelphia justice system.”

With evidence missing and the investigation tainted by the involvement of a detective who pleaded guilty to impeding justice, the District Attorney’s Office has withdrawn murder charges against a 28-year-old man in a 2011 shooting outside a North Philadelphia sports bar.

“Commonwealth motion to nol pros,” said Assistant District Attorney Alisa Shver, using the Latin legal term for withdrawing prosecution.

With those five words, the case against Dante Hill of North Philadelphia evaporated, giving Hill the first prospect of freedom since he was snatched from a Philadelphia courtroom and charged with the slaying of Raseen Wright, 34, of Logan. The prosecutor’s motion, granted Tuesday by Common Pleas Court Judge Steven R. Geroff, came two weeks after Shver asked for an 11th-hour delay of Hill’s murder trial to investigate alleged irregularities in the investigation raised by defense lawyer Michael J. Diamondstein.

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Diamondstein Prevails on Murder Charge for Rapper

Rapper Benjy: “Mr. Diamondstein saved my life. He is the best there is.”

Despite that fact that multiple videos showed local rap singer, Monte Small Atwell aka Benjy killing the decedent, a Philadelphia jury found Mr. Atwell Not Guilty of Murder.   The video clearly showed that the unarmed decedent was chasing Mr. Atwell.  Mr. Atwell’s attorney, Michael Diamondstein litigated a very effective self-defense case.  After a number of withering cross examinations and a closing wherein Mr. Diamondstein exhorted the jurors that his client “would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” the jury agreed that Mr. Atwell’s actions were justified.