Philadelphia Defense Attorney Taking On Murder Charges

Murder is the most serious criminal allegation any person can face. In addition to your freedom, your very life may be on the line. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors will spare no effort or expense to prosecute your case. For someone facing a murder charge, the skill and experience of his or her attorney could literally mean the difference between life and death. Anyone facing a murder charge should consider retaining the services of Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Michael J. Diamondstein.

Providing Strategic Representation And Dynamic Advocacy

Over his career, Michael has defended clients facing all types of homicide charges, including murder, manslaughter and vehicular homicide. He understands from experience that these types of cases are not like anything else in the criminal justice system. As your defense lawyer, he will closely examine the evidence to develop the strongest possible strategy, working with his own investigators to interview witnesses and gather information. When necessary, he will utilize the services of polygraph examiners, video surveillance experts, mental health professionals and other experts to attack the government’s case.

Michael J. Diamondstein is qualified to handle capital cases (death penalty cases) pursuant to 234 Pa. Code Rule 801.

Protect Your Future With An Aggressive Defense

With so much at stake, murder cases are far more likely to go to trial than most other types of criminal charges. It is essential that your lawyer has the experience and ability to present the strongest possible case to a jury. In the courtroom, Michael has achieved excellent results for his clients. In fact, he has earned acquittals for multiple clients facing murder charges. To learn more about some of Michael’s cases, please view his articles page.

Every case is different, and every case has different possible defenses. In a homicide charge, mistaken identity, self-defense, a lack of intent or other defenses may present themselves. Whatever your case involves, you can rely on Michael J. Diamondstein to develop the evidence and work tirelessly on your behalf.

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