Drug Crimes


Drug-related charges can range in seriousness from misdemeanor possession charges to felony trafficking charges. Whatever the accusation, a conviction to a drug crime can change your life for the worse in many ways. Anyone facing drug-related accusations should work with experienced, aggressive legal counsel as early as possible.

For years, people facing drug charges in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond have relied on Philadelphia defense attorney Michael J. Diamondstein. Simply put, there are very few lawyers who can match his combination of skill and insight. It is patently obvious that the public is aware that, in some cases, police officers are less than truthful in describing how a drug arrest actually occurred. Those factual inaccuracies are tremendously important as the difference in winning or losing may depend on the credibility of the officer who made the arrest. Michael J. Diamondstein stands up to police officers in court and has exposed them when they don’t tell the truth.

Examining The Evidence From Every Perspective

Anytime someone is accused of a drug crime, there could be any number of potential defenses. For instance, many charges hinge on whether the police conducted a legal search of the defendant’s person, vehicle or home. Michael is a former Assistant District Attorney for the city of Philadelphia who has more than a decade of criminal defense experience. Having worked in each of these roles, he fully understands when the police have overstepped their boundaries. He knows what you are up against, whether you are charged with marijuana possession or narcotics offenses. He has defended clients accused of manufacturing, distributing, trafficking, importing, and conspiring to distribute prescription and street drugs.

Whatever the charge, you can rely on him to take decisive action in your case. If trial is required, know that Michael has tried and won numerous felony cases. In addition, he has achieved positive outcomes in pretrial hearings, leading to the dismissal of the charges. Read his articles page to learn more about his results in various cases.

Defending Clients In Federal And State Courts Against Drug Charges

Drug charges at the federal level are extremely serious, and extremely challenging to defend. A conviction to these charges can bring on mandatory minimum prison terms, which significantly enhance the prosecution’s leverage. Despite these issues, a criminal defense attorney can take steps to protect your rights and limit the damages. If you have any reason to believe that you are under investigation by federal law enforcement agencies, get in touch with the firm as soon as possible.

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