Criminal Defense

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are the subject of a criminal investigation, you could face the loss of everything you hold dear. You could lose your freedom, and your reputation could be profoundly damaged. The police and prosecutor have tremendous resources at their disposal, and will freely use these resources in an attempt to build a case against you. Your criminal defense attorney must have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide an aggressive defense from the outset. For nearly two decades, people across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond have placed their trust in Michael J. Diamondstein.

A Lawyer Who Understands How Prosecutors Operate

Michael knows how prosecutors think because he used to be one. As a former Assistant District Attorney for the city of Philadelphia, he prosecuted a broad range of criminal offenses. Now as a defense lawyer, he can anticipate what tactics the prosecutor will use and develop defense strategies that will put your case in the strongest possible position. Over his career, he has defended clients in state and federal courts against all types of accusations, including:

  • Murder: Michael has defended clients accused of murder, manslaughter and vehicular homicide, including capital crimes. A skilled trial lawyer, he has earned acquittals for multiple clients facing murder charges.
  • Drug crimes: Michael has fought charges related to manufacturing, distributing, trafficking, importing, and conspiracy to distribute street drugs and prescription drugs in state and federal courts across the country. He has achieved successful outcomes in trial and in pretrial hearings for clients facing all types of life-altering allegations.
  • Sex crimes: Michael provides effective, discreet representation to individuals facing the full range of sex-related accusations.
  • Weapons charges: Any type of firearm-related charge is especially serious, and could lead to years in prison. The firm provides a skilled, tough defense to these and other charges.
  • Assault charges: If you face aggravated assault, domestic violence or other charges, Michael stands ready to take effective action.
  • White collar crimes: Whether you face federal or state charges, Michael will provide a strategic, proactive defense to a variety of allegations, including tax-related charges, money laundering and major fraud.
  • College student crimes: Michael has assisted students accused of crimes involving drug possession and distribution, assault, underage drinking, possession and use of fake identification, and DUI.

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